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Watch American Hustle Online with glee the reaction when he cast her in The Fighter. “People were skeptical: ‘Is she going to play the princess or somebody tough wearing hot pants in a bar?’ And I’d say, ‘Oh, it’s going to happen, and she’s going to be amazing.’  He was right. Adams and Bale both received Oscar nominations for their performances. Their two characters argue through much of the movie, hurling “fuck you” after “fuck you” at each other. In Hustle, they follow through on that suggestion.


Knowing the chemistry between Bale and Adams, Russell now needed to add Cooper to the experiment and see how Adams would react. The elements combined at a BAFTA party in London. Russell introduced the two actors, then went to find Alice Eve, who wanted to dance with Chris Tucker. When Russell returned, Adams and Cooper were already sweaty from dancing and the room was buzzing. “It was very chemical and electric,” says Russell, who knew he had a “fantastic all-star opportunity.”

Together, Adams and Russell crafted for her a complicated, steely, full-blooded, svelte-bodied, hyper-intelligent, glamorous “real player” who juggles two identities. “Sydney/Edith” drives the action and fully personifies the theme of the movie: how everyone plays roles—at home and at work—to survive.

Russell lavishes praise on Adams, calling her both “soulful” and “wildly sexy.” The admiration shows up on-screen as well. A sampling of Bale’s and Cooper’s dialogue includes:

“She’s different. She’s so smart. She’s different.”

“I never met any man or woman in business who was so precise in detail.”

“Your fuckin’ skin is glowing!”

The attention to precise detail and glowing skin is a tip-off. Are they talking about the character or the actress? Is David O. Russell in love with Adams?

Adams laughs off the question. “No. David is not in love with me. I can guarantee that. I’m … [thinks] yes, pretty, 100 percent sure.”

She is wrong. “I’m definitely in love with the characters they’re playing so, of course, I end up falling in love with the person a little bit, and I have been [in love] since I first met Amy years ago,” says Russell.

“She is definitely a muse,” echoes Jonze. “She inspires but is also vocal.”

Jonze and Adams first crossed paths about seven years ago, at her audition for Where the Wild Things Are. She didn’t get the part, but Jonze always remembered the way she listened. He sent Adams an early draft, acknowledging that the part of “Amy” was under-written and needed help. They met for lunch.

“One of the things that was really funny,” says Jonze, “was she’d say something like, ‘I don’t want to have a sandwich. I think I’ll have a salad. Actually, I guess I like sandwiches. I don’t know. Do I like sandwiches? Sandwiches are good, right? I should like sandwiches.’ ” He pauses to laugh. A character making a bold statement only to backtrack and question herself struck him as both funny and appealing. “I just loved that in-the-moment trying to figure out who you are,” he says.

This dynamic does pop up often in conversation with Adams. At one point in the interview she declares, “I like people.” Then she backtracks. “Some people.” Then she figures it out. “I like most people.”

This questioning is part of both her personality and her process. Loughlin describes Adams as the student who “always had her hand up, was always inquisitive, always challenging … a thousand questions.”