Cooperative Commonwealth

Cleveland invests in cooperatives

Cleveland invests in a network of cooperatives, starting with Evergreen Laundry. Check out this short video.

Elinor Ostrom Breaks the Nobel mould - celebrates the commons

Elinor Ostrom breaks the Nobel mould

The economics profession needs to be shaken up. Ostrom's Nobel prize should encourage us to take a fresh approach

Kevin, Tuesday 13 October 2009 17.00 BST

Cooperative Laundry Brings Hope to Distressed Workers

Cooperative laundry brings hope to distressed workers

Workers to get share in business that aims to revive poor neighborhoods
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Tom Breckenridge
Plain Dealer Reporter

Civic and city leaders are invest ing several million dollars in a unique, employee-owned business model to drive more wealth and jobs into the struggling neighborhoods around University Circle.

Several hundred people will gather on East 105th Street near St. Clair Avenue today to celebrate the opening of the Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, a $5.8 million commercial venture featuring the latest in energy-efficient laundry equipment.

If successful, it would employ up to 50 workers - many of them low-income, some with felony convictions - in what officials hope will be a network of worker-owned businesses.

Under the employee-owned model, each worker would earn a share of the company and the profits, driving wealth into neighborhoods wracked by poverty, unemployment and foreclosures, officials said.