Differences and Convergences in Social Solidarity Economy Concepts, Definitions and Frameworks

SEN is part of a RIPESS global consultation & dialogue about the vision, definitions, and concepts of the social solidarity economy. The goal is to move toward greater common understanding about areas of broad agreement and those areas where there are divergences. The attached background document provides an overview of discussions that RIPESS has been having over the course of two or three years.

The Asian Solidarity Economy Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Oct. 30-Nov 2

The Asian Solidarity Economy Forum (ASEF) is an initiative of advocates and practitioners who trumpet the call for an ‘alternative and more compassionate economy. It seeks to draw and galvanize the support of national networks of social enterprises towards strengthening the macro and mega systems of solidarity economy. The forthcoming ASEF Forum KL 2011 is the third in the series. ASEF I was held in Manila last  October 2007 and ASEF II was in Tokyo in 2009.

ASEF Forum KL 2011 will on providing a platform for advocates, practitioners, academics, policy makers, community leaders and the business community to interact, share experiences and draw upon our collective community innovations for the common good.

More info: Asian Solidarity Economy Forum