Tunisia’s Habib Essid and His Government Is Developing Strategy to Organize Social and Solidarity Economy

  Tunis Afrique Presse, May 19, 2015 Gammarth — Prime Minister Habib Essid said the government is currently developing a comprehensive national strategy to organise, structure, regulate and define the areas of intervention, funding and managing the sector of social and solidarity economy. Speaking Tuesday in Gammarth at the opening of a tripartite national conference on “Social and Solidarity Economy: Catalyst for Development and Employment,” Essid spoke of the launch of a comprehensive training programme and [...]


A Social, Solidarity… and Female Economy

Ginebró school, a cooperative education founded 40 years ago in Catalonia. A company model of solidary and social economy supported by l’iesMed (photo iesMed) With the support of the Secretariat of the UfMThe Social and Solidarity Economy is playing an active role in the economic integration of women in the Mediterranean. View of Rodérick Egal, president of iesMed (Innovation & Social Economy in the Mediterranean) cooperative company. What role does the Social and Solidarity Economy play in women’s [...]


Texas Taxicab Drivers Rally for Worker-Owned Co-op

By Tyler April 22, 2015 – As Austin’s ground transportation service industry faces upheaval due to new competition, taxi drivers are using a looming expiration of the city’s taxicab franchises as an opportunity to push for, among other requests, a cooperative, driver-owned franchise. Dave Passmore, president of the taxicab union Taxi Drivers Association of Austin, garnered attention Tuesday morning when he and association members, taxicab drivers and supporters rallied in front of City Hall, [...]


Economics From the Bottom Up: Designing Strategies, Making Alternatives

Springfield's Wellspring Collaborative worker-owned upholstery shop brings jobs, training Talking with Emily Kawano, Co-Director, Wellspring Cooperative Corporation Interviewed by Steve Dubb, Research Director, The Democracy Collaborative March 2015 Emily Kawano is Co-Director of the Wellspring Cooperative Corporation, which is seeking to create an engine for new, community-based job creation in Springfield, Massachusetts. Wellspring’s goal is to use anchor institution purchases to create a network of worker-owned businesses located in the inner city that will provide job training and entry-level [...]


Co-ops Enable Low-Income Women to Work as Owners and Decision Makers

By Eleanor J. Bader via Truthout March 30, 2015 – At Cooperative Home Care Associates, in their state of the art training facilities, these workers in training are finding eachothers pulses with the help of their training instructor (seen to the right). (Photo: Jordanna Rosen)At Cooperative Home Care Associates, in their state of the art training facilities, these workers in training are finding each others pulses with the help of their training instructor. Co-ops not only give low-income and immigrant [...]

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