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The Next System: Indigenous Worldviews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znyv0YYxfcABuilding a "next system" to supplant the current systemic drivers of our economic and political crises should include the wisdom of Indigenous cultures rooted in non-capitalist social and economic forms that center life and nature. This panel discussion hosted by The Democracy Collaborative features Freida...

The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Politics and Policy

https://youtu.be/vbxAi7i_4wY Event Recording - As published on Shareable.net: We are living through an historic moment where a number of crises– climate change, growing economic and cultural divide, virulent racism, and the slide toward fascism–are converging. This makes for scary times but also times that are ripe with...
Democracy Beyond Elections dot org Peer Learning Session on Solidarity Economy title page

DBE Peer Learning Session – Solidarity Economy

Event Recording Democracy Beyond Elections is a collaborative, national campaign dedicated to transformative democracy rooted in community led decision making. USSEN board members David Cobb and Yvonne Yen Liu led a Peer Learning Session on Solidarity Economy for DBE members and beyond. Check it out! https://vimeo.com/858628022
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