Third World Solidarity Economy

A livestream panel discussion between Black, indigenous, and people of color organizing autonomous communities and liberated economies from Los Angeles to the Navajo Nation to Jackson, Mississippi.

#ResistAndBuild Webinar with Cooperation Jackson & Black Lives Matter

Resist and Build, Fight and Build, Oppose and Propose, Resist and Insist - whatever the wording, there is great convergence about the need to connect these dimensions. Even if the lines are a bit blurry, we can broadly distinguish between resist work that seeks to...

Women, Social Solidarity Economy, and Social Protection

This panel of experiences will explore to which extent SSE represents a means to provide social protection for women? We will explore the subject, identify successful practices, confirm structuring strategies thatcan engage the movement, networks and SSE organizations, working together to improve the women’s lives.

Black + Brown Community Healing Through Land

Healing our relationship with land is essential for Black and Brown folks who have faced intergenerational dispossession. Following the greatest single decline in Black homeownership and wealth in the nation’s history, many families are struggling. This workshop will explore the connection between healing and land,...

Forming Cooperatives

In our third of five webinars, our speakers will introduce the steps involved in forming a cooperative including deciding on its legal entity, cooperative finances, and governance and decision making.

Women and Governance in Social Solidarity Economy

Related to this fourth session, about Women & Governance in SSE : This panel of experiences highlights the contribution of women in the governance of the different local, regional, national and international SSE organizations. Discover the reality, the challenges and the importance that women actively...

Introducing Cooperatives

In our second of five webinars, our speakers will introduce cooperatives, their principles and examples, and the cooperative ecosystem.

Introducing Solidarity Economy

Asian American Solidarity Economies launches our 2018 webinar series with speakers Emily Kawano, US Solidarity Economy Network and Julia Ho, Solidarity Economy St. Louis introducing solidarity and cooperative economics in Asian American immigrant and refugee communities. Join us on March 19, 2018 and RSVP at...

Webinar: Women and Social Solidarity Economy

We know that many women are wondering about gender equality, and therefore are taking a closer look at feminist economics to confirm whether it is more in line with their aspirations, values and entrepreneurial practices.

Love the People: Three-Part Webinar Series

Love the People is a three-part webinar series that will bring together storytellers who will share their experiences with community-focused responses to interpersonal and systemic violence. We will cover interpersonal violence intervention in our homes and neighborhoods, defending our demonstrations and movement spaces, and community...
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