Participatory Planning

Interview: Mondragon Corporation: A Manufacturer of Equality

  Josu Ugarte. Photo credit: Financial Times photos / Foter / CC BY. Article cross-posted from TooMuch. By Too Much June 26, 2015 – In the United States, top corporate execs sometimes make more in an hour than their workers can make in a year. At Mondragon, one of Spain’s largest companies, no execs can make more in an hour than their workers make in a day. Sky-high corporate CEO pay, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz notes in [...]


Tunisia’s Habib Essid and His Government Is Developing Strategy to Organize Social and Solidarity Economy

  Tunis Afrique Presse, May 19, 2015 Gammarth — Prime Minister Habib Essid said the government is currently developing a comprehensive national strategy to organise, structure, regulate and define the areas of intervention, funding and managing the sector of social and solidarity economy. Speaking Tuesday in Gammarth at the opening of a tripartite national conference on “Social and Solidarity Economy: Catalyst for Development and Employment,” Essid spoke of the launch of a comprehensive training programme and [...]

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