New Zine Highlights the Solidarity Economy in St. Louis

New Zine Highlights the Solidarity Economy in St. Louis

It’s hard to convey what the sharing movement is about without describing how it looks in practice. No matter how well you lay out its basic principles, you need concrete examples and visual imagery to help people reach that aha moment.

A new publication called “Humans of Solidarity Economy” gets this right. It’s a zine of photographs, interviews, and descriptions of the people behind Solidarity Economy St. Louis, highlighting their work in alternative currencies, food justice, economic empowerment, shared land and housing, and more. It’s made in partnership between the Cowry Collective, Solidarity Economy St. Louis, and Mutual Aid Network.

What is the solidarity economy? The Solidarity Economy St. Louis describes it as an economy based on meeting “human needs through economic activities — like the production and exchange of goods and services — that reinforce the values of social justice, ecological sustainability, cooperation, mutualism, democracy, and innovation.” The group says that “it is dynamic and diverse, including both monetized and non-monetized practices and means of exchange.” (…More)

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