Basic Income

Chicago May Become Largest City in U.S. to try Universal Basic Income

By Zaid Jilani via The Intercept CHICAGO ALDERMAN AMEYA PAWAR is worried about the future. He is concerned that a coming wave of automation could put millions of people out of work and result in more extreme politics. Pointing to investments in autonomous vehicles by companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Uber, Pawar observed that long-haul trucking jobs, historically a source of middle-class employment, may become obsolete. More people out of work means more political polarization, says Pawar.”We have to start talking about [...]


Can This Millennial Mayor Make Universal Basic Income a Reality?

Michael Tubbs is the 27-year-old leader of one of California’s biggest cities. And he’s using that position to try out some truly radical policy ideas. By Edward-Isaac Dovere via Politico Out in Stockton, California, there’s an experiment underway in millennial-led government that’s trying to pull a city back from the brink using what is essentially privately funded socialism. The experiment’s name is Michael Tubbs. The 27-year-old mayor of a city of 307,000—26 when he knocked out the Republican incumbent, the same night Donald [...]


These Towns Are Trying Out A Basic-Income Scheme

And It’s Already Changing Lives “We’re not struggling.” By Emma Paling and Daniel Tencer via Huffington Post Sherry Mendowegan has accomplished a lot in the past six months. The mother of two bought her first car and graduated with her high school diploma in March. “Next is my college, post-secondary, and then hopefully I get some work,” she says. Going to college would have been out of reach for the 41-year-old just last year. But as a participant in the basic income pilot program [...]


Nevermind Guaranteed Income, We Want The Cow

via Fund for Democratic Communities by Ed Whitfield I’ve spent a lot of time lately speaking against the establishment of a guaranteed minimum income as an important policy to advocate. I want to make a few things clear: I feel the current distribution of wealth is grotesquely unfair. I don’t believe that those who cannot or will not work should be allowed to starve. I would be against plans to eliminate or cut the existing welfare system as long as it is needed. I believe [...]

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