Building Alternative Institutions in Greece

Counterpunch, March 11, 2016 by Alexander Kolokotronis Since the beginning of the Greek financial crisis, both the Right and the Left have advanced a narrow set of narratives, policy possibilities, and even political actors. One movement that has largely remained outside of the discourse has been the solidarity economy movement. A key organization within the solidarity economy movement is Solidarity for All. Solidarity for All is an organization that offers technical support, capacity building, and network-scaling for the various grassroots [...]


Berkeley Votes to Boost Co-op Economy in the Face of Gentrification

In 1971, the owners of The Cheese Board turned their Berkeley, California, mom-and-pop shop into a co-op, where they became worker-owners alongside their former employees. Over the years, more co-ops branched out from the bakery, forming the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, a group of six bakeries and a development and support collective in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, The Cheese Board Collective, as it’s now called, has an espresso bar, a pizzeria, a menu of nearly 400 cheeses, [...]


Complementary currencies + value chains to build solidarity economies

Fri, Mar 11 at 1:00 PM, New York By: NYC Department of Small Business Services Events Can we use complementary/alternative currencies alongside value chains to develop a ‘virtuous cycle’ that supports solidarity economy growth regionally and beyond? We look at how complementary currency is used in local contexts to support community businesses, as well as a snapshot of developing cooperative/solidarity economy value chains, and we’ll brainstorm on how we can use these tools together to integrate, sustain and grow businesses and [...]


Democratize Big Banks

We don’t need to break up the big banks. We need to put them under democratic control In These Times – Jamie Merchant Public interest in progressive financial reform is growing. After the epic crash of 2008 and the “Great Recession,” and with a boost from a sharply populist campaign season, a number of left-of-center proposals have circulated around the question of what to do about the banking system, which has molded contemporary society in its image and defines the horizon [...]

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