Los Angeles Community Mobilizes and Sends ICE Packing

via It’s Going Down by Black Rose Anarchist Federation With Trump planning a major wave of ICE raids targeting Northern California in the coming weeks, especially targeting sanctuary cities, organized community responses are essential to beating back these attacks. The goal, as always with immigration enforcement, is to strike fear in immigrant communities, reinforce their precarious status as workers and feed Trump’s base that supports his white nationalist agenda. Community Response Halts 7-Eleven Raid After raiding 7-Elevens across the country last week, ICE was planning to [...]


Fighting for the Sanctuary Workplace

via Truthout Unions Mobilize to Protect Undocumented Workers by David Bacon Sanctuary churches. Sanctuary schools. Sanctuary cities. Sanctuary workplaces? Albeit far from its intentions, the Trump administration has put the idea of sanctuaries on steroids — spaces free from the threat of raids and deportations. As immigrant workers, unions and their allies look for creative ways to counter anti-immigrant onslaughts, they’re adopting the sanctuary framework to deal with the dangers faced on the job. This is not just a recent response to administration threats of [...]


Shut It Down May 1, 2017

via On May 1st, 2017 SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Freedom/Ataques a nuestra libertad, SHUT DOWN on our Human Rights/Ataques a Nuestra Derechos Humanos, SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Diverse Communities/Ataques a Nuestras Comunidades Diversas, SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Right to Organize/Ataques contra nuestro derecho a organizarios RESIST Discrimination/Discriminacion RESIST Bans/Exclusion RESIST Walls/Muros RESIST Poverty Pay/ Salarios de pobreza RESIST Stereotypes/Estereotipos DEFEND Diversity/Diversidad DEFEND Working People/La Gente Trabajadora STAND UP TOGETHER on May 1st/Nos alzamos unidos el 1o de mayo This is a call to all working people and communities/Este Un llamada para toda la [...]


Caracol Interpreters Collective: Bridging Language Barriers

via WNYC The Idea “Language justice puts all people in the position where they can fully participate and bring their whole selves.” — Patri González Ramírez, Caracol Interpreters Cooperative Ramírez: Caracol Interpreters Cooperative is a small, worker-owned business that is lead and run primarily by immigrant women. We offer high quality language services in English and Spanish. These include interpretation, translation, interpreter trainings and consulting for organizations that want to build their multilingual capacity. Some of the topics of the meetings that we work [...]


Co-ops Enable Low-Income Women to Work as Owners and Decision Makers

By Eleanor J. Bader via Truthout March 30, 2015 – At Cooperative Home Care Associates, in their state of the art training facilities, these workers in training are finding eachothers pulses with the help of their training instructor (seen to the right). (Photo: Jordanna Rosen)At Cooperative Home Care Associates, in their state of the art training facilities, these workers in training are finding each others pulses with the help of their training instructor. Co-ops not only give low-income and immigrant [...]

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